The article entitled “SAPPARCHI: An Osmotic Platform to Execute Scalable Applications on Smart City Environments” was awarded in the Best Student Paper category of the 15th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (IEEE Cloud 2022).

Article authored by researchers Arthur Souza, Nélio Cacho, Thais Batista from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte and Rajiv Ranjan from the University of Newcastle.

The article presents a middleware platform for running applications in the multiple computational levels present in the smart city environment. Through the proposition of a programming model that defends the composition of applications in serverless functions allied to a dynamic deployment technique that allows the integrated execution at the Cloud, Fog and Edge levels. In addition, it promotes scalability by distributing the workload between computing tiers using an osmotic computing approach to equalize workflows. The use of SAPPARCHI allowed an improvement in the total amount of processed requests and an increase in the processing rate per second of the applications when compared to approaches traditionally used today.

The importance of the knowledge produced by SAPPARCHI lies in the proposition and proof that the use of osmotic computing can promote the scalability of applications in the context of smart cities. Through the use of platforms such as SAPPARCHI, the use of computing infrastructure provided for smart cities can be optimized.

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